TRONSCAN Weekly Report | Sep 28–Oct 4, 2020

I. Product Development

1. Token optimization
Optimized Captcha and token logo design (released).

2. Wallet optimization
Optimized the flow of creating and linking wallets (under development).

3. New requirements
1) Optimize token management back-end (completed).
2) Optimize the display of web wallet resources, assets and transactions (completed).
3) Analyze new data on accounts and contracts (completed).

II. Operation Update

1. Total TRON contracts exceeded 140K
According to latest statistics on TRONSCAN, the total number of contracts on TRON has surpassed 140 thousand, indicating that more and more users are coming to the TRON ecosystem.

2. Key issue of the week: What if the transaction failed but my tokens were still deducted from the balance?
Please contact the project team for help if you run into such problem. TRONSCAN only displays transaction information as a block explorer and does not process transactions for anyone.

3. 660 new token entries this week
8 TRC10 tokens and 652 TRC20 tokens were entered this week.




Explore the TRON World | | Tele: #TRON #TRX $TRX #TRONSCAN

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Explore the TRON World | | Tele: #TRON #TRX $TRX #TRONSCAN

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