TRONSCAN Weekly Report | Sep 21–Sep 27, 2020

I. Product Development

1. Technical progress

Optimized the machine verification process of token entry (under development).

2. Data optimization

DeFi statistics (requirement reviewed).

3. Wallet optimization

Optimized the assets page and resources page of web wallet (requirement reviewed).

4. Token optimization

Optimized the token entry process (requirement reviewed).

II. Operation Update

1. Number of TRON accounts exceeded 11 million

According to latest statistics on TRONSCAN, the total number of accounts on TRON has surpassed 11 million, indicating that more and more users are coming to the TRON ecosystem.

2. Key issue of the week: Why doesn’t my balance increase after unfreezing?

Frozen TRX is locked up and unusable, but your balance does not decrease from freezing tokens. Likewise, unfreezed TRX is unlocked and available, but your balance does not increase from unfreezing either.

3. 540 new token entries this week

21 TRC10 tokens and 519 TRC20 tokens were entered this week.

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