TRONSCAN Weekly Report | Oct 26–Nov 1, 2020

I. Product Development

1. Wallet optimization
Optimized the flow of creating and connecting wallet (development completed; under test).

2. Data optimization
Fixed data display error resulted from database migration (released).

3. PRD review
Optimized contract deployment, validation flow and features (completed).

4. Requirement research
Investigate the requirements for DApps and DeFi products (ongoing).

II. Operation Update

1. Total TRON contracts exceeded 240K
According to the latest statistics on TRONSCAN, the total number of contracts on TRON has surpassed 240 thousand, indicating that more and more users are coming to the TRON ecosystem.

2. Key issue of the week: why are there unauthorized transactions in my account?
If you encounter this issue, it is very likely that your account has been hacked due to leakage of your private key and other account information. Please be sure to transfer any remaining balance to a safe account as quickly as possible, and any lost asset cannot be recovered.

3. 583 new token entries this week
21 TRC10 tokens and 562 TRC20 tokens were entered this week.




Explore the TRON World | | Tele: #TRON #TRX $TRX #TRONSCAN

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Explore the TRON World | | Tele: #TRON #TRX $TRX #TRONSCAN

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