TRONSCAN Weekly Report | Nov 22, 2021 –Nov 28, 2021

Product Development

11.22–11.28|Allow users to search for unactivated accounts that have TRC20 tokens in the balance

11.22–11.28|Allow users to search for in-wallet assets on the improved wallet page which is displayed when the wallet is connected

11.22–11.28|The improved list of the statistics charts are now online

Operation Update

11.22–11.28|Number of TRON accounts exceeded 63 million

11.22–11.28|Made an announcement on service upgrade

11.22–11.28|Collected and answered questions from the community

11.22–11.28|428 token entries

11.22–11.28|Twitter followers: 37723

11.22–11.28|English community: 17854