TRONSCAN Weekly Report | May 4–May 10, 2020

1 min readMay 12, 2020


I. Product Development

1. SR module optimization
Optimized the SR module to improve user experience (development completed; under testing).

2. Chart optimization
Added a chart for active accounts (development completed; under testing).

3. Transfer optimization
Optimized the display of error messages by presenting more details (development completed; under testing).

4. Account module optimization
Optimized the data of account module (under development).

II. Operation Update

1. Released the ninth episode of TRONSCAN video tutorials
We have created a dedicated series of video tutorials to help new users have a quick grasp of TRONSCAN. The ninth episode titled “How to Vote for SRs” has now been released. Check it out on our social platform!

2. Key issue of the week: Why is my asset balance shown on TRONSCAN different from that on a third-party platform?
This might happen because data on varied platforms are not synchronized. Normally TRONSCAN would provide real-time data to meet users’ query needs. If you think the data displayed on a third-party platform are incorrect, please contact the related platform to address the issue.

3. 12 new token entries this week
4 TRC10 tokens and 8 TRC20 tokens were entered this week.




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