TRONSCAN Weekly Report | June 27, 2022 –July 3, 2022

1 min readJul 5, 2022


Product Development

6.27–7.3|Replaced TRONSCAN request endpoints globally (to adapt to the European environment)

6.27–7.3|Solved the figure display issue due to over-large/small text size on the prompt messages for regular transfer and multisig transfer

6.27–7.3|Fixed the GitHub display issue for TRC-20 and TRC-721 tokens

6.27–7.3|Restored the hover on the WeChat icon on TRC-20 Token Details page

6.27–7.3|Added # to all TRC-721 tokens on the list of approvals on the token overview page

6.27–7.3|Changed the header of the approval list to Approved amount/ID

6.27–7.3|Fixed the redirection error for tokens on the approval list

6.27–7.3|On-chain asset value on the token tracker page will only show historical data

6.27–7.3|Added the symbol $ for the balance on the token overview page

6.27–7.3|Restored the holder address style below tokens

6.27–7.3|Hid the Cancel Approval icon for all TRC-721 tokens

6.27–7.3|Fixed the header style for tokens on the Votes page

6.27–7.3|Working on the support of the ERC1155 standard

Operation Update

6.27–7.3|Number of TRON accounts exceeded 101 million

6.27–7.3|Made an announcement on service upgrade

6.27–7.3|Collected and answered questions from the community

6.27–7.3|214 token entries

6.27–7.3|Twitter followers: 43473




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