TRONSCAN Weekly Report | Jun 15–Jun 21, 2020

I. Product Development

1. Text optimization
Updated web texts for account page, token page and personal center (released).

2. Login optimization
Supported login via phone number and email address (released).

3. Homepage optimization
Display more stats and charts to demonstrate TRON’s strength (in development).

4. Transfer optimization
Improve accuracy of data on transfer list (in development).

5. Localization optimization
Add Turkish, Italian and German translation (in development).

II. Operation Update

1. Released the fifteenth episode of TRONSCAN video tutorial
We have created a dedicated series of video tutorials to help new users have a quick grasp of TRONSCAN. The fifteenth episode titled “How to check TRON Foundation address” has now been released. Check it out on our social platform!

2. Key issue of the week: how to log in with private key, TronLink and Ledger?
To provide users with more login alternatives, TRONSCAN now supports login via email and phone number. You can still log in with private key, TronLink or Ledger by clicking the rightmost button “LINK WALLET” on the top navigation bar.

3. 24 new token entries this week
7 TRC10 tokens and 17 TRC20 tokens were entered this week.

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