TRONSCAN Weekly Report | Jul 6–Jul 12, 2020

I. Product Development

1. Optimization of SR page
Added a section for entering SR team information (released).

2. Optimization of token entry
Supported TRC20 tokens created by contracts(released).

3. Optimization of token rating system
Fix known bugs with token rating (under development).

II. Operation Update

1. Released the eighteenth episode of TRONSCAN video tutorial
We have created a dedicated series of video tutorials to help new users have a quick grasp of TRONSCAN. The eighteenth episode titled “How to Verify Contracts on TRONSCAN” has now been released. Check it out on our social platform!

2. Key issue of the week: Can TRONSCAN help recover my lost asset?
As a blockchain explorer, TRONSCAN doesn’t intervene in any transactions, and only provides query services. Therefore, TRONSCAN can not help users recover their lost asset.In addition, confirmed transactions on blockchain cannot be withdrawn as blockchain is decentralized, meaning lost asset on the network cannot be recovered. You are advised to take caution and keep your private keys and other account information safe.

3. 19 new token entries this week
13 TRC10 tokens and 6 TRC20 tokens were entered this week.

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