TRONSCAN Weekly Report | Jul 13–Jul 19, 2020

1 min readJul 21, 2020


I. Product Development

1. Token entry
Standardized token entry by setting a character limit for token introduction (released).

2. Token rating
Fixed identified bugs to improve the accuracy of token rating (released).

3. Homepage optimization
Optimized homepage UI to offer a better visual experience (released).

4. Chart optimization
Optimize UI and data to boost user experience (under development).

II. Operation Update

1. Released the nineteenth episode of TRONSCAN video tutorial
We have created a dedicated series of video tutorials to help new users have a quick grasp of TRONSCAN. The nineteenth episode has now been released. Check it out on our social platform!

2. Key issue of the week: do the green check on the contract code page and the note “Contract source code is verified” mean that the contract is recognized as safe by TRONSCAN?
No. The green check on the contract code page and the “Contract source code is verified” note only indicate that the code provided by the contract is real and authentic, but not necessarily safe. Please be cautious about fraud risks.

3. 20 new token entries this week
8 TRC10 tokens and 12 TRC20 tokens were entered this week.