TRONSCAN Weekly Report | Dec 14–Dec 20, 2020

I. Product Development

Project progress:

1. Optimized token entry by increasing its success rate (under test).

2. Optimized transaction details for Swap (in development).

PRD writing:

1. Improved the display of block lists and block details (completed).

2. Added “My Votes” to the voting list (completed).

PRD review:

1. Added trading analysis to the transaction details of trending DeFi contracts (completed).

2. Integrated one-click token issuance, lowering the entry barrier of TRC20 tokens (completed).

II. Operation Update

1. Total number of TRON accounts has exceeded 17 million.

2. Hayden Lee, architect of TRONSCAN participated in “Link the Future: BitTorrent X Product Launch & 2020 TRON Ecosystem Virtual Conference”, and delivered a keynote speech.

3. Addressed feedback from 32 users on Help Center.

4. Collected and answered questions from community.

5. Entered 293 tokens.