TRONSCAN Weekly Report | Aug 31–Sep 6, 2020

I. Product Development

1. Token optimization

Support logo upload in token entry (under development).

2. Homepage optimization

Optimize the search pattern on the homepage to enhance user experience (under development).

3. Data optimization

Optimize total TRX circulation data to enhance data precision (under development).

4. Requirements evaluation

Added a new voting reward calculator to enhance users’ voting experience (completed).

II. Operation Update

1. Number of TRON accounts exceeded 9.1 million

According to latest statistics on TRONSCAN, the total number of accounts on TRON has surpassed 9.1 million, indicating that more and more users are coming to the TRON ecosystem.

2. Key issue of the week: are verified contracts safe?

If contracts are verified on TRONSCAN, it means their code is real, but not necessarily safe.Projects promising high returns are often fraudulent. Please be cautious.

3. 421 new token entries this week

29 TRC10 tokens and 392 TRC20 tokens were entered this week.

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