How to Edit Multi-signature Accesses

3 min readJan 24, 2020


Multi-signature is a feature allowing multiple users to jointly control one account. More specifically, if a user with access to an account initiates a transaction that requires multi-signature, it will only be executed when addresses giving signed consent in the access list have a total weight greater than or equal to the threshold value.

Note: Each edit consumes 100 TRX

Step 1: Log in to the TRON block explorer — TRONSCAN.

Step 2: Open your account page, scroll down to the Multi-signature module.


TRONSCAN offers 3 types of accesses: owner, active and SR accesses.

Owner access represents supreme control over an account. Addresses with owner access can initiate any operation that the account is entitled to;

Active access allows a combo of operations. For example, you may set up an active access to transfer TRX and freeze funds only. An address with active access of an account can only initiate operations covered by its active access;

SR access is only available to SR accounts to set up SR nodes.

The following is an example of editing active access. Other accesses can be edited the same way.

Step 3: Click Edit access and name the active access in Access name field.

Step 4: Click Add under Operate field. In the pop-up window, check boxes to add accesses or un-check boxes to delete them, then click save.

Step 5: In Threshold field, set the threshold value representing the total weights required to execute an operation. It can be any integer equal to or larger than 1.

Step 6: In Keys field, enter the addresses you want to grant this active access to (5 addresses at most). Each address must be given a weight no larger than the threshold value, while total weights of all addresses combined must be larger than or equal to the threshold value. Transactions that require multi-signature are executed and recorded on the blockchain on the condition that addresses giving signed consent have a total weight greater than or equal to the threshold value.

If you need to add a new active access, simply click ADD NEW ACCESS. You are allowed to add a maximum of 8 active accesses.

Step 7: After editing, click SAVE to save your changes.